Steering Committee

Core: Bianca De Stavola (EPH, Co-Director), Richard Silverwood (EPH, Co-Director & Webmaster), Taane Clark (ITD, Deputy Director), Sarah Thorne (EPH, Administration), Jonathan Bartlett (EPH), Rhian Daniel (EPH)

ITD representatives: Taane Clark, Joanna Schellenberg

EPH representatives: Simon Cousens, Phil Edwards

PHP representatives: Richard Grieve

Theme Co-ordinators

The Centre is organised into research themes with each having one or more Co-ordinators. Please select a theme from the drop-down menu under the ‘Themes’ tab for more information.


Staff and students at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) can become Members of the Centre for Statistical Methodology. As well as being kept informed of all the activities of the Centre, Members will also have their relevant publications listed on the publications page of the Centre website. There are currently over 200 Members of the Centre. Please see here for instructions on how to become a member.