Welcome to the LSHTM Centre for Statistical Methodology

The LSHTM Centre for Statistical Methodology aims to gather statistical and methodological expertise across the School in order to strengthen our research capacity in epidemiology and public health, and exploit the richness and interdisciplinarity of the work carried out within the School.

To achieve these aims we run a successful seminar series, organize educational seminars and discussions on state-of-the-art methodology, support fellowship applications and organize methodological short courses.

Next CSM Seminar: ‘The seven pillars of statistical wisdom’. Stephen Stigler (University of Chicago). Thursday 29 January 2015. More information here.

Subsequent CSM Seminar: ‘Unbiased estimation of exposure odds ratios in complete records logistic regression’. Jonathan Bartlett (LSHTM). Friday 30 January 2015. More information here.

Recent seminar slides: ‘The exposome in molecular epidemiology – Towards a more global approach to evaluate exposures to disease risk factors’. Augustin Scalbert (International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon). Slides now available here.

Recent seminar slides: ‘Flexible modelling of the cumulative effects of time-varying exposures: applications in environmental, cancer and pharmaco-epidemiology’. Antonio Gasparrini (LSHTM). Slides now available here.

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Centre Director: Bianca De Stavola.
Website: Richard Silverwood.

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