Welcome to the LSHTM Centre for Statistical Methodology

Next CSM Seminar: ‘Modelling repeated measures growth data by aligning significant growth events and modelling changes in within-individual variability over time’. Prof Harvey Goldstein (University of Bristol). Friday 26 September 2014. More information here.

Upcoming short course: ‘Methods for addressing selection bias in health economic evaluation’ (two days). LSHTM, 22-23 September 2014. View flyer here.

Seminar slides: ‘Identifying relevant sensitivity analyses for clinical trials’. Tim Morris (MRC Clinical Trials Unit). Slides now available here.

Seminar slides: ‘Cross-national differences in older adults physical functioning: results from HRS, ELSA and SHARE studies of ageing’. Omar Paccagnella (University of Padova). Slides now available here.

The Centre’s aims are to:

i) Highlight our statistical expertise in research and training relevant to research in public health;

ii) Facilitate excellence by enhancing cross-fertilization among researchers involved in clinical trials, epidemiology, sociology, health economics, and all other disciplines related to public health.

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Centre Director: Bianca De Stavola.
Website: Richard Silverwood.

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