Centre for Statistical Methodology

The Centre for Statistical Methodology aims to gather statistical and methodological expertise across the School in order to strengthen our research capacity in epidemiology and public health.

Welcome to the LSHTM Centre for Statistical Methodology

The LSHTM Centre for Statistical Methodology aims to gather statistical and methodological expertise across the School in order to strengthen our research capacity in epidemiology and public health, and exploit the richness and interdisciplinarity of the work carried out within the School. This is in line with the School’s strategic plans for sustaining areas of established expertise in which we have an international reputation.

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Next CSM Seminar

The Centre hosts regular seminars across the different themes. The next seminar is:

Wed 26 June 2019, 14:40-15:40pm
John Snow B, Keppel Street

George Davey Smith (Bristol)

Title: "Post-“Modern Epidemiology”: when methods meet matter."

Abstract: In the last third of the 20th century, etiological epidemiology within academia in high-income countries shifted its primary concern from attempting to tackle the apparent epidemic of non-communicable diseases to an increasing focus on developing statistical and causal inference methodologies. This move was mutually constitutive with the failure of applied epidemiology to make major progress, with many of the advances in understanding the causes of non-communicable diseases coming from outside the discipline, while ironically revealing the infectious origins of several major conditions. Conversely, there were many examples of epidemiologic studies promoting ineffective interventions and little evident attempt to account for such failure. Major advances in concrete understanding of disease etiology have been driven by a willingness to learn about and incorporate into epidemiology developments in biology and cognate data science disciplines. If fundamental epidemiologic principles regarding the rooting of disease risk within populations are retained, recent methodological developments combined with increased biological understanding and data sciences capability should herald a fruitful post–modern.

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Recent seminar slides & audio

Slides and audio recordings of many of our previous seminars are available. Our most recent seminars have been:

Causal Inference Theme
A new approach to generalizability of clinical trials
Anders Huitfeldt (LSE)

Causal Inference Theme
Using Quantitative Bias Analysis to Deal with Misclassification in the Results Section, not the Discussion Section.
Matt Fox (Boston University)

Statistical Computing Theme
An extended mixed-effects model for meta-analysis: statistical framework and the R package mixmeta.
Antonio Gasparrini and Francesco Sera (LSHTM)

Big Data Theme
Large numbers of explanatory variables.
Heather Battey (Imperial College London)

Clinical Trials Theme
Design and analysis of trials where the outcome is a rate of change, with an introduction to a new Stata package for sample size calculation
Chris Frost and Amy Mullick (LSHTM)

Missing Data Theme
Uncertainty and missing data in dietary intake and activity data.
Graham Horgan (Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen)

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Centre for Statistical Methodology Mini-Symposium: Landmarking for survival analysis

Friday 18th January 2019
LSHTM, Keppel Street

The Centre held a symposium on the “landmarking” method in January 2019, welcoming Professors Hans van Houwelingen and Hein Putter from Leiden University. Landmarking was proposed by Van Houwelingen as a method for dynamic prediction of survival in a 2007 paper (Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 2007; 34: 70-85). This was followed by a number of further developments in collaboration with Putter, including as a method for multistate modelling. Their book Dynamic Prediction in Clinical Survival Analysis was published in 2012 (CRC Press). Van Houwelingen and Putter will give a joint seminar on some new developments in landmarking.

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Sequential Trials Symposium

The Centre for Statistical Methodology and the Tropical Epidemiology Group of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine held a half day symposium on sequential trials on the afternoon of 26 September 2018.

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"Statistical Methods for Big Data” Symposium

The Centre for Statistical Methodology held a half-day symposium on Statistical Methods for Big Data on 7 July 2017. The symposium aimed to discuss features of Big Data and the challenges that they pose for statistical methods and future directions of research. Speakers from different methodological perspectives presented examples across a wide spectrum of applications.

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